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Maid of Honor: Kelly Ferguson



Kelly and Amy met in Philadelphia and were intsant friends the second they met! They have been friends since 2009, but their experiences in those years feels like a lifetime! They managed to stay best friends after a crazy 3,000 mile, 3 1/2 day adventure across the country when Amy moved to San Diego.  Despite living on separate coasts, their friendship remains closer than ever!

Bridesmaid:  Tara Sipe



Tara is Amy's first 'official' sister, but Tara is more than just that; she has become a loyal, honest friend and an amazing new mommy.  Amy is lucky to have such a strong and loving big sis to support her on her wedding day and looks forward to sharing many more special memories together!

Bridesmaid:  Courtney Zinn



Amy and Courtney go way back to the First Grade, where they began their journey as best friends! Courtney is truly a rare friend, and over the past couple decades, she has stood by Amy's side through thick and thin.  Courtney's loyalty and love is hard to find and Amy is blessed to have her friendship!

Bridesmaid:  Jodi Collins



Amy really lucked out in First Grade because she also met Jodi the same year! Although life has changed quite a bit in the past 20+ years for the two, they still continue to share an amazing friendship and Amy is grateful for Jodi's unwavering support and love! 

Bridesmaid:  Amber Wortz



Amber and Amy spent most of their childhood being best of friends. They met in Fourth Grade and walked a mile home afterschool everyday together; sharing stories, memories and developing an unbreakable bond that the two still share to this day. Amy has been blessed with Amber's support and love through all the years!

Bridesmaid:  Tiffany Catledge



Tiffany was the first person Amy met after moving to California who became a close friend. The two first met on Amy's first day of work at Nine-Ten, a restaurant in La Jolla, where Tiffany was also working.  They became instant friends, talking that night non-stop for over 6 hours!  They became roommates shortly after, and continued to deepen their friendship.  Amy is lucky to have an amazing woman and friend like Tiffany!

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