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Officiant: Dylan Laurino 



Amy & Chris chose Dylan, 

Chris's youngest brother, to

commemorate their marriage 

not only because of his charming, outgoing personality, but also because of his love and support for the two.  They are honored to have Dylan lead their ceremony and establish their forever!


Best Man: Blake Laurino



After 27 years of sharing some

of their best memories together,

Chris has chosen his brother, 

Blake, to stand by his side and 

support him in one of the most

significant day's of his life.  Blake

has been not just Chris's younger brother but an amazing & supportive friend.  Chris is honored to have him as his Best Man


Groomsman: Andrew Sipe



Andrew is Amy's oldest brother, and has always looked out for her best interests, so it meant a lot to Chris to know that he was so quickly welcomed by Andrew when they first met. Chris looks forward to sharing in such a memorable day with his future brother-in-law.

Groomsman: Aaron Sipe



Aaron, Amy's second oldest brother, is married to Tara, one of Amy's bridesmaids, and had the opportunity to meet Chris in 2012 at their wedding in Philadelphia.  Now that it's Chris's turn to tie the knot, he welcomes and honors the opportunity to have Aaron share in his special day! Chris is lucky to have not just two, but four respectable brothers to stand by his side.

Groomsman: Timothy Sondag



Timothy and Chris started their friendship by the lake, sharing in their love for fishing! Their families grew up together, so Timothy has been more than just a friend, but also a brother to Chris.  Throughout their lives, they have gone through very different experiences and changes, but their friendship has always remained steady and strong. Chris is grateful for Timothy's support and sweet moves on the dance floor.   


Groomsman: Matthew Hampshire



Matthew and Chris have been friends since their first days of college together at Chico State. The two still continue to share in amazing memories, just as they did in their college years.  Matthew's friendship is upstanding and sincere; exactly the kind of individual that Chris would want as a close friend. Chris is lucky to have Matthew not only to share memories on his wedding day, but throughout his life.


Groomsman: AJ Plummer



AJ and Chris have been good friends since the days of elementary school.  The two have been close friends for many years and, along with Timothy, were roommates when Amy and Chris first met. One of AJ's best qualities, aside from his charming personality, is his great sense of humor and has always managed to keep Chris laughing! Mmhmmm..

Groomsman: Sam Matlin



Chris also met Sam at Chico 

State, and have continued to stay close friends since their college years.  The two both share an appreciation for the outdoors and have gone camping, hiking and surfing together.  When Sam moved to Philadelphia for a few years, they kept in contact despite the distance. Chris looks forward to all the great memories to come!


Ring Bearer: Zane Sipe



Zane, the son of Tara and Aaron Sipe, is Chris and Amy's first (and cutest!) newphew. Chris and Amy had the honor to meet Zane when he was born and he's held a special place in their heart since then.  The two of them feel blessed to have this little guy be a part of their big day!


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